2005_07_artspenguins.jpgIf March of the Penguins failed to satisfy your appetite for adorable penguin action, march yourself right over to the bookstore and check out And Tango Makes Three. Gothamist must admit that we could not resist judging this book by its cover, seeing as we were instantly smitten. But it only got better when we looked inside. This is the true story of Roy and Silo, two male chinstrap penguins at the Central Park Zoo who, when all the other penguins paired off boy-girl boy-girl, fell in love with each other instead. Uninterested in females but obviously family types, Roy and Silo tended an egg-shaped stone until a zookeeper entrusted them with an egg. Sure enough, the nurturing pair took care of their egg until baby Tango hatched, and they raised her as their own. The world’s first documented alternative penguin family can still be visited at the Central Park Zoo. If that doesn't make you proud to be a New Yorker, we don't know what will. Gothamist has already urged you to go see the penguins; won't you stop by?