Bjork at Sonar; Photo - New York TimesBjork's new look: Do we attribute it to her usual lovable nuttiness or can we say it's Matthew Barney? A close-up black and white shot of Bjork's new bowl cut, which Kelefa Sanneh called "fetching."

Gothamist thinks she looks like some 70s androgynous male singer in that drapey, Halstony top, but it's escaping us. Who does she look like? We need your help. Hilton, are you there?

More Bjork fashion:
- At the Oscars in the swan dress - which was totally characteristic of Bjork
- With Matthew Barney at the Cremaster 3 premiere

And Bjork on DVD: Greatest Hits - Volumen 1993-2003 and Volumen Plus.