The St. Patrick's Day Parade is starting its slushy journey up Fifth Avenue (without gays), but most people are thinking about how the day is a free ticket to drink at 10AM. Gawker has suggestions on what to do this drinky holiday ("Most important: don't even go near McSorley's on 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd. Definitely avoid the lecherous leprechauns on parade up Fifth Avenue."). Gothamist might be sticking with the boring yet shoe-grateful (the shoes, they don't like stepping in pools of vomit) option of staying at home. If you're the same, director Jim Sheridan has some Irish movie suggestions: The Crying Game, Man of Aran, The Quiet Man, and The Commitments. A few Irish-themed movies we like: The Secret of Roan Inish (yes, it might put you to sleep, but it's so sweet) and Blood Sunday.

Related: Listen to a .wav (scrolle to Ralph) of Ralph Wiggum saying, "The leprachaun told me to burn things!" and check out other Irish references on The Simpsons.

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