You've got to love Swatch. While it's not as hot as it was in the mid-80s, when people would have numerous Swatches on their wrists, like chronoholics or something, the Swiss watch manufacturer has come up with a way to be relevant to ironic hipsters - a watch with toy bunnies in different positions of the Kama Sutra. Launched in April, the watch is a part of the Touch collection: "Tap the crystal and the fun really begins as the hands sweep together and around the dial, landing on one of the happy bunny 'positions' the rabbits are enjoying, then returning to the proper time after a brief pause." (Click here for a larger image.)

Swatch put up a billboard of the the Bunnysutra watch in Times Square, which, of course, is freaking out some pedestrians, especially the line "Touch your swatch, pick your position." The Post contrasts horrified reactions from out-of-towners ("Oh, my God. That's disgusting. We have enough sexual implications in the world. Why are you going to use these animals having sex?") with amusement from New Yorkers ("It's funny. It's not screaming sex in your face - it's love.").

The Bunnysutra costs $55 at Swatch stores (here are NY locations) and the billboard is at 1528 Broadway, at West 45th. Speaking of sexy Swatch watches, there's a Helmut Newton watch for sale online.