phpYMiQPPAM.jpgTonight Billy Joel performs at Shea Stadium, as part of his "Last Play at Shea" shows (the other is on Friday). Details recently talked to the Piano Man about the stadium, and he told them: "I think it’s kind of strange that in my lifetime I’ve seen a stadium come and go. I remember when Shea was built—it was state-of-the-art, like a big Roman edifice. Now they’re taking it down because it’s out of date. I find that a little odd." Meanwhile, Variety reports that the singer will film the experience for Last Play at Shea, a documentary surrounding the experience of playing the last shows before the stadium is torn down later this year. It's expected to have a Ken Burns feel, and "track the intersecting paths of a blue-collar Long Island musician and the Queens ballpark that hosted its first concert in 1965."