After Billy Eichner and Emma Stone debated the importance of Boomerangs with strangers, Billy On The Street has returned for another new episode of the web-only season with guest Tiffany Haddish. It seems Eichner and Haddish are in the Halloween spirit and looking to cast a more diverse, inclusive remake of Hocus Pocus, so they hit the streets of Manhattan to try to find someone to play the third witch.

Watch as Billy freaks out a Chinese lesbian couple ("Crazy Witch Asians!!!!"), makes people step aside because Haddish's profile is growing, confirms straight white men don't have a monopoly on spooky, and frightens several people in pursuit of a gender-fluid person for their woke Hocus Pocus (aka, Wokus Pocus). Come for the subverted gender expectations, stay for a surprise appearance by beloved Billy guest Elena.

Of course, this was only the second best Billy Eichner video of the week. In case you haven't seen it, his finest performance in a short film came on Sunday when TMZ asked him about the midterms and the Trump administration's move to narrowly define gender as binary. "He's a fucking piece of shit asshole, evil piece of shit, the whole administration is awful, everyone needs to vote," he said.