One anti-Bush group that we have a particular fondness for is Billionaires for Bush. They use humor and street theater to show how the current administration has favored the corporate elite at the expense of the rest of Americans.

They have staged several events this week, including a croquet party in Central Park (which they stated was the real reason the permits weren't granted to the protestors, because the billionaires needed to enjoy the grass) and vigils for corporate welfare. Tonight is their big fundraising soiree at the Frying Pan, The Billionaires' Coronation Ball.

A "formal" attire event, this party features a host of peformers including The Hungry March Band, The Infernal Noise Brigade, Zero Boy, Mia the lovely Harpist, Agent Christian White, Jeannie Winters, Dj Askari and more. The fete starts at 9pm and tickets are $25 and up, proceeds go to fund their ventures into swing states in the coming months.