2005_09_artsocon.jpgStarting tonight at the Wessel + O'Connor Gallery, Wouter Deruytter will exhibit a series of his large black & white photographs. For the past four years Deruytter has repetitively photographed the omnipresent billboards watching over New York's streets and pedestrians like Dr. Eckleburg's eyes. Documenting the visual substance of the billboards and our reactions to them, as well as the overabundance of commercial advertising. We're hoping they aren't all of those Calvin Klein ads that hover over Houston.

These billboards, in many ways, capture the peculiar forces found in the existence of many New Yorkers, a kind of balanced blend of high art and vibrant commerce. The billboards are massive, often provocative, and seemingly impossible for New Yorkers to ignore. Yet they often do.

We've never really seen billboards as "high art", per se, but this exhibit seems worth checking out.
Wessel + O'Connor is located at 111 Front Street Suite 200 DUMBO, BK // Hours are Wednesday to Saturday 10-6