According to a National Enquirer source (so take this with a grain of sensationalized salt), Bill Murray received the Ghostbusters III script, which we've been hearing about for years, with Dan Aykroyd recently confirming its existence.

The bad news is, the 61-year-old Murray allegedly shredded the papers, sending it back to Harold Ramis and Aykroyd with a note saying: "No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!" Actually, that sounds pretty awesome (and for the record we'd also be psyched to watch a "fat, old man" chase around a pesky gopher). And it may still happen, as "insiders" say the team is moving forward with or without Murray.

After all, the thing is likely to bring in some cash, with the original grossing $291 million in 1984, and the 1989 sequel bringing in $215 million... but would you still see a third installment if it didn't include Dr. Peter Venkman? [via Atlantic Wire]