Bill Rancic

After fourteen weeks, America can now rest assured in knowing that Bill Rancic is The Apprentice. Even though he'll have a salary of $250,000 running the construction of the Trump International Hotel & Tower, Gothamist was hoping that The Apprentice would be a lot like the Sorcerer's Apprentice, mopping the marble floors of Trump Tower.

Did "The Donald" make the right choice? His advisors, George and Carolyn disagreed on who to pick. George, who seemed senile in the final boardroom, thought Kwame Jackson was best. Carolyn, who Donald calls "Lady Di", thought that Bill was the most qualified. Throughout the last two episodes, it was clear that Kwame and Bill were completely different. Kwame was laid back and readily delegated responsibility, Bill was frenetic and micro-managed. To us, it was clear where Kwame went wrong - when he selected Omarosa for his team. Gothamist wonders what the hell he was thinking? Granted, he probably would have been stuck with her anyway because he had last pick, but still, why pick her third?!? It seems like Kwame also had the harder task, dealing with the "biggest rock star in the world", Jessica Simpson. All Bill had to worry about was the frozen grass and the tee time.

Bill Rancic; Image:

After Bill was hired, Donald caught up with the fired candidates. Tammy is pregnant, Omarosa still doesn't get along with Heidi or Ereka, and Jason is still in real estate. Sam tried to cut another deal when he said he would pay Donald $250,000 to work for him. Donald said he would consider it. Nick and Amy are no longer dating, but they remain "close friends". There was no mentioning of FHM modeling though.

So, did Donald make the right choice? Did Bill make the right choice by choosing the Chicago project over managing Trump National Golf Club, LA?