Bafflingly, amidst sex assault allegations, Bill Cosby is still touring the country. His two shows at a Tarrytown, New York theater in early December are still scheduled, and the venue's website declares he is "one of America’s most beloved comedians of all time."

Cosby is accused of drugging and raping a number of women, with more stepping forward with their stories every day. The most recent being model Angela Leslie, who says Cosby assaulted her in 1992 in his Las Vegas hotel room.

NBC has canceled his upcoming sitcom, and Netflix has indefinitely postponed a special featuring Cosby. But his stage show goes on...

The executive director of the Tarrytown Music Hall told CBS2 "canceling the show next month wouldn’t really hurt Cosby financially since the comedian will get paid regardless if he performs or not because of his contract." He may just have to do that, too, as ticket holders have been asking for refunds, "but the musical hall’s executive director said they can’t afford to give them or turn Cosby away. Instead, they have offered to create an open seat protest list and give it to the comedian after the show."

Cosby hasn't commented on the allegations, but a new clip from an interview with the AP this month shows a reporter asking him if he would like to comment on them. In the strange exchange, Cosby is shown trying to get the reporter to promise not to release the part of the interview where he's questioned about it.