Photo via Humans of New York

Someone needs a Cosby sweater... hey-o! So, this is a photo of a woman you might remember named Holly Van Voast flashing Bill Cosby outside of the Barnes & Noble on 5th Avenue earlier this week. Humans of New York (NSFW!) was on the scene, and Holly explained to them, "me and my friends are artists. I’m trying to get attention so I try to flash celebrities. I take off my shirt and run up to them. You know, like a topless paparazzo. That’s what I call myself—Holly Van Voast, Topless Paparazzo.” That's a priceless look on 74-year-old Bill Cosby's face, anyone care to guess what was going through his mind?

This was by no means the first time Holly has gone topless in public. Last month she not only flashed Snooki in almost exactly the same location, but she also flashed Russell Simmons at a Barnes & Noble book reading and rode the D train from the Bronx to Columbus Circle sans shirt. Oh, and she also stripped in court while responding to a summons for going topless in Grand Central.