Bill Cosby is best known as a beloved sweater-wearer and Jello-hawker, but the 77-year-old comedian's also been accused of sexually assaulting 13 women. And no matter how many appearances you make on Sesame Street, rape allegations don't always disappear from the hive-mind's collective memory, as proven by the many, many rape-related #CosbyMemes that flooded Twitter yesterday, all thanks to Cosby's social media crew. Somebody's getting fired!

As comedian Hannibal Burress reminded us last month, since 2006, 13 women have come forward to claim that Cosby drugged and raped them. Some of these accounts have been published in major magazines and newspapers, and a number of women chose to be identified by name. These accusations don't come up much when Cosby's covered in the mainstream media, and they were even left out of a biography about the comedian that was published just a few months ago.

But lest you believe these rape allegations have been swept under the rug entirely, yesterday, Cosby's social media team launched a #CosbyMeme challenge imploring the Twitterati, ""Go ahead. Meme me!" complete with a link to Cosby-ready meme generator. According to examples on the on the comedian's website, those memes were supposed to look something like this:

And, well, things didn't really shake out that way. In fact, the whole thing went pretty terribly, provided you believe rape accusations make for bad PR:

Shockingly, Team Cosby didn't seem so thrilled about all the rape memes, and they deleted the tweet and meme generator after a few hours. Cosby's Twitter account has stayed silent since, but the #CosbyMeme memories haven't died yet! Good thing Woody Allen's not trying to stay relevant on the Internet.