2006_03_billbeutel1.jpgToday, there are more obituaries about and tributes to former WABC anchor Bill Beutel, who died yesterday. The NY Times' obituary calls him the "dapper and unruffled anchor"; it also states that he died of a progressive neuological disorder. am New York notes that it was Beutel and Eyewitness News co-anchor Roger Grimsby's "mix of 'happy talk' and hard-charging reporting -- would influence television stations across the nation" and recalls what current WABC anchor Bill Ritter said when he took over the anchor slot in 2004, "How do you replace a legend? You don't, you succeed him." He was considered a "father figure" to many reporters, and among the things we didnt realize, Beutel's last named was "pronounced Bill Boydel" but a news director made him change it to "Beutel."

WABC 7 has a slideshow of classic Beutel images, including one of him with Grimsby (photo at top left) and one with Robert Moses (photo, right), as well as thoughts about Beutel from fellow reporters and New Yorkers (Mayor Bloomberg said, "When Bill Beutel died we lost a lot of New York. He was a symbol I think of this city."). Again, Gothamist must say that we are very sad to hear of Beutel's passing - he was a constant presence when we were growing up and he was always both smart and approachable in conveying that city's news.