Biking over Brooklyn Bridge; Photo- NewsdayThe Department of Transportation reports that bike ridership over the East River is at the highest level in the 23 years of keeping bike ridership numbers. The DOT points to the renovated bike paths in Williamsburg and on the Manhattan Bridge; the Queensboro Bridge's biking popularity more than doubled year-to-year.

The DOT tells Newsday these figures are a reflection of people willing to try the city's different paths and Transportation Alternatives' Noah Budnick says, "These car-free biking and walking paths are what is spurring the increase. People want to ride where they don't have to worry about traffic." Budnick also adds the subway fare increase may be another factor, but one thing that holds people back from biking to work is the lack of safe bike parking near work, especially since few employers allow bikes in the office.

Bike Map of New York City
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