Like the Beatles vs. the Stones, Lindsay Lohan vs. sobriety, and 99 Cent Fresh Pizza vs. Ray's Pizza, some rivalries are truly timeless. And with the investigation into the murder of Bed-Stuy rapper Christopher Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls/The Notorious B.I.G., having been recently reopened, the Biggie vs. Tupac debate is just as relevant as ever. Even Babycakes is getting in on the action.

Jesse Poe took the above picture of the tip jars at Babycakes last weekend, and writes: "After snapping this picture and getting permission to write about it, the friendly staff informed me that when they pose the right question between the two tip jars their tips soar as that people really want to weigh in on a discussion." We choose to recuse ourselves from the Biggie/Tupac debate (though, we do like to fill our belly's with a t-bone steak, cheese eggs and Welch's grape)—but is Babycakes breaking tip jar etiquette, or is it a fun way to encourage people to be a little more giving?