Remember Big Wheels? Wake up your inner child and get yourself on to one of those bad boys, because the 5th Annual Big Wheels Race is coming to town on October 13th. You can come as a spectator and watch vintage 3-wheelers race at high speeds, "breaking logic and gravity records" in Central Park, or you can even take part:

"Bring your own Big Wheel. This includes: Big Wheels, trikes, velocipedes, skateboards you can sit on and control, ice boxes, toilets with wheels, soapbox vessels or other hand made or rehashed contraptions. The rules are as follows: your seat or bottom must be no higher than 12 inches above the ground. Avoid rubber wheels... plastic or other is favored. Wear safety gear. Riders have been known to break 30MPH!"

Also, you are encouraged to dress like superheroes. The race will start just after 3 p.m., and you'll want to enter the park at 106th Street and 5th Avenue. Here are some photos from the first event in 2008, to get your motors running.