"Brooklyn comedy" might officially be (back) on the map today with news that comedian Jenny Slate will join the cast of Saturday Night Live when it premieres with Megan Fox and U2 September 26th. Slate is best known around town as the co-host of Big Terrific, the weekly free stand-up show that has been drawing big names into small spaces in Williamsburg for the last two years. Slate, who talked to us a couple months back, performed her show Dead Millionaire at the UCB Theater this past spring. With the other new cast member Nasim Pedrad having performed at UCB LA, the theater continues to show its dominance over the comedy scene this decade. Last year UCB's Bobby Moynihan (the pride of Yonkers) joined the cast and in recent years, the theater has funneled through Abby Elliott, Casey Wilson, Rob Riggle and of course, UCB founding member, Amy Poehler. As for Big Terrific, co-host Max Silvestri says, "Jenny will be back at Big T soon to tell lots of showbiz stories about what Megan Fox smells like and how Ted Danson always has mints handy or whatever."