Zoltar at Coney Island (photo via Deno's Wonder Wheel Park) vs. the real Zoltar in Big.

Zoltar, who you know from his small yet important role in Big, has arrived at Coney Island! At least, some sort of distant relative of his has. We're told this version of Zoltar is currently living under the Wonder Wheel beside Grandma's Predictions, and that "they are already close friends!"

In the movie, the Zoltar scene (in which Josh fatefully tells the machine he wants to be an adult) was shot at nearby Rye Playland, but last year when ScoutingNY went to the spot he found it was replaced with a Pepsi machine. So where is the real deal?

This Coney Island version is definitely not the real Zoltar, as you can see in the photo comparison above. Here's what a more accurate Zoltar machine would look like in action:

If you visit the Coney Island one, send us some video... and be careful what you wish for!