2003_7_nerveprofile.jpgOnline dating got more interesting with the sharper, more provocative Nerve profile, which if most of you haven't even actually dated online, cahnces are your friends have probably made you sign up and inspect their profiles as well as their prospects. Time looks at the two women behind the questionnaire, Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey, as they promote their new book, Big Bang: Nerve's Guide to the New Sexual Universe. Gothamist is amused how Time also has to almost backpedal and establish that these are nice girls, not sexually rapacious city girls:

Emma Taylor & Lorelei SharkeySharkey is so old-school that she met her boyfriend at work, and Taylor, who has had nearly 20 personal-ad dates, is single. "My friend Jack loves to introduce me as 'my friend Emma who just wrote a sex manual and can't get laid,'" says Taylor. "I find myself making disclaimers that those who can't do, write sex manuals."

Gothamist can't help but thinks that perhaps "those who can't, blog."... Anyway, Taylor and Sharkey have also been touring around the States, The Big Sex Drive, promoting their book, even selling it at gas stations. The Boston Phoenix interviews them on road.

Taylor and Sharkey's advice column "Ask Em & Lo" on Nerve. This week: "What's the harm of hickeys?" A Mediabistro Q & A with them.