200711bigapplebook.jpgStanding at just under 2 feet tall on a "tower" display stand, and containing around 800 pages -- there's a new book in town! And it's not going to fit in many people's apartments.

The pages contain 1200 photographs that capture the city, including shots from Henri Cartier-Bresson and Annie Leibowitz. As an accompaniment to the visuals there's written word provided by folks like EB White, John Updike and Tom Wolfe.

While there's no price tag attached that we can find, the luxury publishing company putting it out (Gloria) is currently selling their 26-lb supersized book on soccer star Pelé for up to $4,350 (depending on which edition you purchase)! Good thing there's a life-sized New York outside all our windows, this book may just be a little too prodigious and pricey.