Tonight BIFF is giving you an authentic, 70's style drive-in movie going experience, complete with a car of your choosing (to sit in for the duration, not to keep). There will be 30 cars you can pick from, including BMWs, Mini Coopers and Toyota Prius gas/electric hybrids (courtesy of Zipcar).

This free event will run from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. behind the Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway).

Movie line-up:
"Dead Kitty" by Rachel Max
"Gravy" by Karl Brandstater
"Day 26" by Andreas Samland
"The Other Final" by Johan Kramer

Can't catch the drive-in? Check out one of the other films playing this week as part of the festival. The line-up is here.


Gothamist loves a good documentary and recommends checking out Ferry Tales, which tells the story of a group of women who ride the Staten Island Ferry every morning. Gathered around the powder room mirrors they transform from housewives to businesswomen while relaying anecdotes, giving advice and gossiping behind the closed doors.
[playing June 13th, 4pm @ the Brooklyn Museum]

Official site for Ferry Tales

Official site for the Brooklyn International Film Festival