The universe has been slowly peeling off the Band-Aid and painfully revealing that Justin Bieber is basically now the sixth member of Phish (the fifth is lighting designer Chris Kuroda, who is now doing lights for Bieber). Back in August Biebs attended a Phish show with his guitarist and musical director Dan Kanter, who had been urging the pop star to "check out the band's lyric-light brand of psychedelia and rockabilly for almost as long as the two had known each other." Well, this slow clap is for you Kanter, you did it. At a recent show Bieber and Kanter teased not one, not two, but three Phish songs into the set: "Sand," "First Tube," and "Divided Sky."

The first two are at 4:32 and 5:35 in this video:

The latter is at 13:40 in this video:

So, how long before Bieber brings Fishman's dresswear to the forefront of fashion hotness? And will Phish show up at Bieber's Barclays show, or will Bieber show up at Phish's MSG show? Because we might as well embrace it—one of those things is happening. And if you think it won't just ask Jay-Z. [via Hypervocal]