Beyonce and Jay Z at the Staples Center on January 22, 2015. (Getty)

Beyonce and Brooklyn native Jay Z are turning their backs on New York City and moving to Los Angeles, just like Everyone Else.

According to TMZ, they've already enrolled Blue Ivy in a $15,000/year private school, and are currently living in a Beverly Hills hotel while house-hunting on the west side.

Last year there were reports of Beyonce searching for a smaller living space in New York City, which added fuel to the divorce rumor fire, but perhaps the couple was just looking to downsize to a pied-à-terre in anticipation of their move.

Sources say the couple wants "a change in lifestyle," but our in-house illuminati expert, Ben Yakas, believes that Jay Z is being run out of town by Russian gangsters who are upset with the implosion of the Nyets.