Apparently, some people want some of the Gothamist flavor in Germany. The eagle-eyed Stefan at MemeFirst directs our attention to a website from the land of Black Forest Cake: Leipzig Blog. While MemeFirst says "knock-off," Gothamist is flattered. We've been wanting to concentrate on the goings-on of the greater Leipzig area for some time now. But we're also currently drafting our version of a cease-and-desist email in German (using Babelfish so it'll be a suspect translation) telling Michelle Potier to credit our design to Jake and Ravi Singh, because sharing is caring. Gothamist expects to see a Bitten Sie Leipzig Blog and Leipblog Wetter soon, too, as they have Interviews already.

Some (okay, it was MemeFirst...again!...they are Gothamist's secret legal counsel) have said that The Big Smoker has Gothamisty roots.