It's awful, to say, but Gothamist's ego has been feeling a little battered this week. It's not anything terrible, but when we hear about a 4 year old, selling her painting for thousands of dollars, we've got to reassess our lives. Little Marla Olmstead was featured in the NY Times and on the Today show this morning, and Gothamist had really hoped it was more a "Kids Do The Darndest Things" like those 2 year olds from Germany or Florida that crop up every once because they drove their parent's car a couple miles. But, no, Marla is definitely talented, at least for a 4 year old. But the final nail in our coffin might be knowing that Tillamook Cheddar, a Jack Russell Terrier, has his own art show in Williamsburg. His style, as described in a Post article, is "cratching, biting and gnawing at paper." And he has a website: TillamookCheddar.com. God, our parents must be so disappointed in us.

Take some art classes in the city. Try Parsons, the JCC, 92nd Street Y and SVA.