15.jpgA few weeks ago someone told us that there were cats performing in midtown. We immediately pictured a cat parade marching down 42nd Street and performing circus tricks. Apparently, we weren't that far off. The Moscow Cat Theater is here! They're returning for a 2nd run in New York. We went to the first performances back in October.

The tickets are a little pricey, but think about it...this is the only entertainment of its kind in the world! Cat theater! The troop of talented felines will perform original and astounding acrobatic feats, integrated into a non-verbal, colorful and fun-filled show. That picture to the left sort of freaks us out, but this may just be too weird to pass up.

Let's see what some of the media outlets have had to say about the show:

"Spec-cat-ular" - New York Post
"This show is the cat's Meow" - Newsday
"Hilarious" - CBS News
"Cats Incredible!" People Magazine

C'mon CBS News, you couldn't fit a "meow" or "cat" into your review?

Fridays through Sundays // See Schedule for Times // Lamb's Theater [130 W 44th St] // $45-65