The front page of the NY Times' Metro Section has a big graphic showing how the Central Park Conservancy is restoring Bethesda Terrace that's very nice, but the interactive graphic from NYTimes.com is very cool as it breaks apart the terrace. It explains the different parts of the project, from the the new waterproof membrane on the upper terrace to reinstalling tile patterns.

Back in 1984, over 16,000 tiles that were on the ceiling of the arcade beneath the terrace were removed for restoration. Over 20 years later, the $7 million project will be complete in late January.

Another much more sobering interactive offering NYTimes.com offers is a look at the American service members who have died in Iraq. It accompanies an article about the 3,000 service deaths milestone and a heartbreaking appreciation by NY Times editor Dana Canedy about her late fiance, First Sgt. Charles Monroe King, who wrote a 200-page journal for their baby son Jordan in case he died.