Bethenny Frankel: Not an $8 million woman! The former Real Housewife of New York is fighting back against Huffington Post, who erroneously accused the star of lying about her $120 million worth. Puh-leeze, people! Skinnygirl doesn't get kicked out of Whole Foods for a measly eight mil.

So, here's what happened: Earlier this week, HuffPo claimed that Frankel's financial statements indicated she only made $8 million for selling off Skinnygirl, not the $120 million she reportedly told all her friends.

Bethenny, however, calls bullshit on the blog, telling The Hollywood Reporter "It’s completely inaccurate. I’ve never wanted to discuss my net worth, but I’ve been quite successful. I would never allow my fans to believe something that wasn’t true...Frankly, I’m going to pay a lot more than $8.1 million in taxes. Are you really going to trust some blogger sitting in a dark room on his computer?” Ooh, diss! (For the record: the Gothamist offices are very well-lit.)

As is turns out, HuffPo did issue a correction after Forbes looked into the incident and determined that Frankel's numbers "Still Hold Up." "Our reporter misread the $8.1 million figure in the financial documents," writes HuffPo. "As Forbes points out, the number refers to the amount of Skinnygirl attributed to goodwill, not the total purchase price. We regret the error." We'll drink a low-calorie, no-sugar, potentially carcinogenic margarita to that!