Astrological Sign.

Bad habit/Day job.
My day job is FLOinc, which I have designed to work around my life. Yoga and manicures during the day, no alarm clock, working more in the evening. My good habit is coffee...I can't wake up and start my day without it.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? How long have you graced New York with your presence?
I went to high school and college in Texas. I moved to NY to go to
business school at Columbia, but it was just my excuse to get to NY and I never left. I have always felt like a New Yorker, but I have only physically been here for 10 years.

One for You.
How does helping women create movement in their life through FLO (whether through starting businesses, changing careers, or finding a mate) benefit New York and the world?
Creativity and motivation are contagious, so if you get women moving forward in their lives toward their dreams and desires than others follow just takes one to take the leap. We now have hundreds of women in NY in the FLO Incubator, it is a movement.

What is the best improvement to New York City in the last year?
That is easy, the new MoMA. It is sexy, it is fun, it is decadent, and it is inspiring. Seeing the art in this environment feels luxurious, like hanging out with old friends.

Other than world peace, what do you want for Christmas?
A book deal from a major publisher and lots of kisses under the mistletoe.

If are given $20, a unlimited Metrocard and a free afternoon, what would you do to treat yourself?
I would invite friends and go sit outside at Pastis on a beautiful day, drink wine and people watch, it is the best people watching in town.

Now that it's getting cold, what (or who) do you do to stay warm?
I have a sweet new honey that keeps me that along with 16 ply Cashmere sweaters do the trick.

Where is the best place in the city for semi-public sex?
Riverside Park in the summer.

Have you been naughty or nice this year?
I have been nice because I have embraced my naughtiness. Naughtiness is just another form of seduction, which is always nice.

What's the one thing you miss whenever you leave New York?
The unique and indescribable drug that is the energy of New York. I have searched high and low but you can't find that energy in any other city.

You've been asked to host a holiday party and the only requirement is that you must invite three New York celebrities (alive), who would you extend an invite to?
Jerry Seinfeld, Jay-Z and Diane Sawyer.

If you could revoke a famous New Yorker's citizenship, who would it be?
Rudolph Giuliani. Despite his leadership during 9/11 and other
major contributions such as making the city safer, his relentless
support of George Bush makes me think he's really just an opportunitstic politician, not the moderate man-of-the-people-hero he's claims to be. It makes me nervous to ever support a Republican because we put Giuliani in power as a moderate and he then turns around and supports a right-wing conservative just doesn't feel right...send him away.

FLO Incubator will have a holiday party December 15th. Check out the website for upcoming workshops.