If you happen to see a young Asian woman sitting in a display window basking in a pink neon light sign that reads: "All Your Nut Needs," don't be too alarmed. The girl is Annamarie Ho, and she's the artist behind the display, which is located on the west side of Cleveland Place, south of Kenmare Street.

Boing Boing clarifies, noting that "Betelnut is a popular stimulant sold by scantily-clad young girls in streetside booths. A couple years ago, artist Annamarie Ho recreated a Betelnut booth as a gallery installation commenting on this 'sexually provocative sales style' in which, it would seem, customers are buying interaction with the salesperson as much as they're paying for the Betelnut."

This weekend and next, Annamarie will be New York's Betelnut Girls, even selling some tonight between 6 and 8 p.m. This could get ugly.