The Village Voice released its yearly Best of NYC 2009 list, just in time for all of you looking for ridiculously specific things like the best tattoo parlor straight out of "Cry Baby," the best mini-golf in Bushwick, or the best erotic bloodletting. Here are a couple of notables:

  • Best Bacon: Karczma where they serve "...a weirdo appetizer...which features a bread dip called 'peasant lard'—a pool of molten fat dotted with smoky bits of bacon."
  • Best Rapper Twitter Feed: Fabolous— "In the past six months, Fab has spent frantic days asking his 200,000-plus followers where he might find weed in Miami; passionately feuding with the singer T-Pain over a Tweet that turned out to be fake; and, more ignominiously, making #uknowhowiknowuregay a No. 1 trending topic on the site for the better part of one particularly slow news day."
  • Best Response to the Question "What's for Dinner Honey?": Dick Chicken—"...other times, Mr. Chicken shows up stenciled as a pornographic rotisserie bird, with a conversation bubble that burps random insults like, 'NICE SANDALS, DOUCHE!'"

Also, congrats to Miss Heather for NewYorkShitty being named Best Neighborhood Blog.