The strangely compelling modern meets medieval Hearst Tower is a metaphor for the fortunes of the Hearst Corporation in the NY Times today. And buried towards the end of the article, there's a dig about how Hearst hasn't been very sexy:

While it is not exactly Xanadu, Hearst Tower is certainly a major upgrade for many of the company's rank and file. With its soaring entry and French Balzac limestone lobby floor, the building sets a Four Seasons tone for a magazine business that rivals have viewed as more of a Sheraton.

At least rivals aren't thinking of it as a Marriott. That would probably be a fun exercise - matching up hotel brands to publishers. And speaking of exercise, there's apparently a very fancy gym at the new Hearst Tower - complete with laundry service for employees' workout clothes. In other words, shape up, or you might have to ship out.