As 2004 stumbles to a close, many of our blogger buddies have begun churning out their "Best of 2004" lists. For instance, Jason Kottke has already gotten up on the board twice. First, he penned his "Favorite Weblogs of 2004" (Gothamist just barely scraped in at #10; and aimless? For shame, Mr. Kottke. We have a clear aim: being occasionally awesome.) Always the overachiever, Kottke rang in a second time with "Best Links of 2004" (note to Gawker: Jason Kottke secretly loves... Malcolm Gladwell!) Anyway, Gothamist is super-competitive, so without further ado, our latest "best-of" list: the top ten blog posts featuring Thompson the cat:

2004_12_catgoth2.jpg10. Thompson Live
9. Thompson on the Mend
8. Thompson is Doing Well
7. Thompson and Mingus
6. Thompson's New Look
5. Even More Thompson
4. Thompson YM Interview
3. Thompson at One
2. Return of Thompson
1. 16-35mm, 50mm, 85mm Cat