2006_08_vivian.jpgHow could we not love Metro's story about public school teachers fostering animals from city shelters. Finding foster families for various animals is important in order to reduce the number of animals euthanized. The Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals explains, “Foster care is a real life line. We have people who are here on business for a while, like a group of Australians who wanted pets; we have students; and the teachers are fabulous because they have the summers off.” The teachers seem to get involved after animal foster programs come to schools to teach children about being humane to animals, and one teacher, Ellen Landers, who teaches in Carnarsie, is taking care of six foster kittens even though she's allergic!

Fostering an animal is good year-round. Here's more information about fostering animals through the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. And this picture is of Vivian, a 2 month old at the Manhattan Bide-a-Wee.