Being underground on a steamy subway platform can be sweaty and soul-crushing. Which is why spotting Sam Waterston this morning—waiting for a train with a crowd of commuters—was like a mirage. When he entered the crowded 1 train, he took out his glasses and studied the subway map—perhaps he was trying to figure out what station would be his best bet to check out some of these spots.

There were so many things we wished to say to the man who portrayed Jack "Hang 'Em High" McCoy for two decades ("Did you see the Law and Order and Food Tumblr? Isn't the noise 'Chung-chung'? Was it weird to work with both London twins?") but since it was a packed subway car, we decided to leave it at "Are you Sam Waterston?"—"Yes" he replied with a smile— "I'm a HUGE fan of your work"—"Thank you"—and "Have a nice day!"

And first thing we did upon getting to the office? Reflect upon some of our favorite Waterson moments:

Unless we are lucky enough to spot him on the subway again, we guess we'll just wait to see him on Aaron Sorkin's HBO cable news network drama, The Newsroom when it premieres June 24... or at 4 p.m. on TNT today.