Unbelievably, it's the last week of the year! How time flies! We'll be assembling our own Best of 2005 lists (Most Interesting News Stories, Best Shots of Pandas, Most Poorly Thought Out Gothamist Posts, etc. etc.) But until we can get the Gothamist supercomputer to spit those out, here are some lists from our friends (and one enemy!) in and around the city:

Morning News Top 10 Albums
Best of MUG 2005
Best Books by NYMag
NYOFC Best Films
Information Leafblower (+Everyone) Top Bands
NYMag Best Artists
Morning News 2005 Board Games (seriously!)
Music that TMFTML Doesn't Find Offensive
ProductShop Best Albums
Gawker's 123 Things List

We'll be adding to this list all weekend-- please link your lists in the comments! And of course, check out the huge meta 2005 list (not exclusive to NYC) over at Fimoculous.