There are business cards and then there are business cards and man, the McBirney Auto Service Sunoco in North Massapequa has the best business card we've seen in ages. And it seems like it's one for the ages: John McDermott and his dad John McDermott Sr. have been handing it out since 1964.

"It just added a little humor," the younger McDermott tells us of the card, pointed out to us by a tipster, which lists options including "excuses verified" and "uprisings quelled." And while most people get that it is a joke, they have gotten some confused calls over the years asking "tigers tamed? Really?"

"When I was first getting into business I was lying in bed one night thinking what can I do to have somebody pass my card around, like advertising, and this is what I came up with," the elder McDermott tells us. "I had a lot more things, some dirty, but this was what worked."

To be sure, variations of this card certainly exist elsewhere so we're a little skeptical, but the joke had to have started somewhere, and 1964 seems as good a time as any. Plus, the little details on it are what makes it so great. Where others list things like "orgies organized" these guys just offer "all kinds of tires." Now to see about having our excuses verified...