Bernie Sanders capped off a long day of stump speeches in Brooklyn on Friday by taking his wife to the smash hit Broadway musical Hamilton. A Sanders campaign spokesperson told New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor that "they paid for the tickets themselves." Did they pay for someone to get $10 Ham4Ham tickets, or did they shell out a fortune for non-counterfeit ones?

Actually, they are just special $167 tickets: "While Mr. Sanders didn’t acquire the tickets like the 99 percent of Hamilton fans scouring the internet for seats or buying them months in advance, Michael Briggs, a spokesman for the campaign, said Mr. and Ms. Sanders did pay $167 each for two house seats, the small number of seats that are generally reserved for people like dignitaries and relatives of cast members."

In addition to using his privileged status to score tickets the 99% can only dream about, Sanders also got to enter through the side door:

Then it was a firestorm of blurry Bernie images on Twitter and Instagram and probably Snapchat (but I'm too old to figure out Snapchat):

Hey @berniesanders is in the house @hamiltonmusical only in #NYC #Broadway #Hamilton

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Look who turned up sitting near us at @hamiltonmusical tonight? I could almost #feelthebern

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Sanders selfies happened:

So this happened tonight @hamiltonmusical #feelthebern #hamiltonbway #berniesanders #bernie2016 #bern

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This just happened! @hamiltonmusical @berniesanders #hamilton #nyc #broadway #berniesanders

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Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda was more impressed by some other visitors:

FYI Sanders' rival Hillary Clinton saw Hamilton when it was at the Public Theater so she's cool AF. She also incorporated the musical when throwing shade at the GOP: