Larry David and Bernie Sanders finally collided to create Jewish comedy bliss during last night's excellent Saturday Night Live. Well technically, David met Bernie Sanderswitzky when the two co-starred in Steam Ship, as two immigrants aboard a boat headed to Ellis Island. "I am Bernie Sanderswitzky, but we're going to change it when we get to America so it doesn't sound quite so Jewish," Sanders said. "Yeah, that'll trick 'em," David responded.

Sanders also popped up to introduce the band, The 1975, and for a few pretty, pretty, pretty good promos.

But the best sketch of the night—and possibly the best sketch fo the entire season so far—came earlier in the evening when David broke out his Sanders impression for Bern Your Enthusiasm, a pitch-perfect Curb parody that hinged on sneezing etiquette and the fact Sanders lost the Iowa caucus by just a few voters. And it was all topped off by having Bobby Moynihan as Jeff Garlin, Cecily Strong as Susie Essman, Jay Pharoah killing it as Leon/JB Smoove, and most delightful of all, Taran Killam as Marty Funkhouser/Bob Einstein. Watch it below!