2005_08_babyboy.jpgThe National Zoo's veterinarians confirm that the baby panda born a scant three weeks ago is a boy! Today was the first day the zookeepers spent some time alone with the cub, who weighs 1.82 pounds and is 12 inches long, and is described as being "very solid and sturdy and extremely cute." We assume that in future visits, the world can expect adorable and extensive photographs of the baby (like this one of San Diego Zoo cub Mei Sheng). Baby Boy Panda won't be on exhibit until October, when he is three months old, and there will most likely be a 100 days naming ceremony around that time, too. So, this is as good as a time as any to mention that the Amtrak Acela has increased the number of trains that go to DC. We'll be there with our panda ears on.


The National Zoo's FAQ on panda mothers and cubs. Animal Planet is also streaming the Panda Cam. And Gothamist on pandas.

Photographs from the National Zoo and AP