New Yorkers are routinely unfazed by things on the subway that might be described as "alarming" anywhere else in the world. Lugging a refrigerator, a peacock, or a palm tree on the subway? Eh, whatever. Blood-soaked newspapers lining the 7 train's floor? Mondays amirite? But a hawk eating a pigeon? Oh hell yeah! Let me rearrange my entire schedule so I can get a good look at this bad boy.

The video below, taken Tuesday, shows a hawk going to town on a pigeon right outside of a subway entrance. (Hopefully this dining experience didn't give the hawk food poisoning?)

(Video by Christina Cobb,

As onlookers gather below and gawk at the scene, the hungry predator seems to put on even more of a show, ripping off the pigeon's feathers with gusto. The carnage appears to have happened right outside the Jay Street-Metrotech stop. "The circle of life," writes Christina Cobb, who took the video, in the caption. "...bad day for this pigeon but hawks gotta eat too."

Yes, and pigeons gotta hydrate!