Did you know that Mayor Bloomberg is an amateur poet? To get in the spirit of NYC's 10th annual "Poem In Your Pocket Day," the mayor submitted his latest ode to the city: "50.5 Million Can't Be Wrong." This is the fifth time the mayor has taken part in the event (here's one of his past ones)—but of course, not every amateur poet gets their verse displayed on MTV's giant screen in Times Square. Below, behold the agile verbal wit of Bloomberg, with all of his references to the shadows and shades of mortality Tebowing, Gaga, and Unisphere.

50.5 Million Can't Be Wrong By Mike Bloomberg

Hey there, fella! Lady, hey!
Didja hear? It's "Poem in Your Pocket Day!"
Tenth anniversary—the bubbly's flowing
People are cheering... yelling... Tebowing

Where best to celebrate this whole affair?
The Crossroads of the World—Times Square
Historic site of many a saga
And on New Year's Eve... one Gaga

From across the globe, they visit here
50.5 million last year
Wanting to see all they've anticipated
Just follow directions—it's not complicated

Bronx Zoo? (Take the 5 or the 2)
Rockefeller Center? (Walk 6 blocks, then enter)
Empire State? (Bus to Fifth, then go straight)
Ferry to Staten? (At the tip of Manhattan)
Unisphere in Queens? (Get there via several means)
NY Aquarium? (Too far for kids to walk. Just carry 'em)
"Mamma Mia"? (Right behind you. See ya.)

So on this big birthday of PIYP
Have a fantastic day in NYC
Take in the town—there is so much here to do!
(Just have a Poem in Your Pocket when you do)