If it's October, it means it's time for pumpkin everything AND the New York Botanical Garden's incredible display of chrysanthemums, Kiku.

Kiku is the Japanese word for the flower, and the NYBG explains, "These stunning plants are trained for many months into the dazzling shapes on display. Yes, that large dome-shaped 'ozikuri' is one plant, and so are the ones that look like bridges, cascades, and towers. Visitors have been awe-struck to discover that those mums are singular plants growing from one small stem. Taught by 'Kiku' masters in Japan, the Botanical Garden's horticulture team works for many months to grow these amazing works of living art."

Seriously—they are from ONE STEM, and we have videos to prove it:

It's hard to overstate how beautiful and incredible these formations are. I went last year and was bowled over by the combination of the flowers' delicacy and rigor. Plus, it's always wonderful to visit the NYBG's beautiful grounds outside of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.

Kiku opens today and runs through October 26. There are numerous programs, like taiko drumming, flower arranging classes and poetry walks.