The mother of all construction netting will go up around a luxury condo construction site in the Meatpacking District next week, as part of a collaboration with the Whitney Museum (which is relocating to the neighborhood in 2015). The construction wrap, at 345 West 14th Street, will feature a 120-foot reproduction of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's "Yellow Trees." You may recognize the work from the Whitney's advertisements for Kusami's show, which is on view at the museum until September 30th. At that time, the under-construction condo's wrapping will come down as well.

DDG Partners, which is building the condo (called 345meatpacking), is spending six-figures on the wrapping, and had to obtain special city approvals to put it up. (Netting is normally required to be blank, or "minimalist," as they say in the art game.) "You have to design the netting, print the netting, install the netting, and we worked with the artists' gallery…there are costs for that," an executive at DDG tells the Wall Street Journal. "The benefit for us is that we get to do something for the city. There are lots of things that we do as developers that make our projects special." Aw, what would we do without the luxury condo developers? They just give and give and give!