The Superdesk is 4,400-square-feet of unbroken surface, created by a single, continuous pour of resin (and some plywood). It currently curves through the Manhattan office of the Barbarian Group, and this weekend it was on view to the public as part of the OHNY program. Not one skateboarder took advantage of this opportunity.

Tours of the massive work surface were given on Saturday by architect Clive Wilkinson, who created the Superdesk, which can accommodate around 100 employees... unlike Dwight's megadesk, which could only accommodate one. To get an idea of just how big that is, it's the same size as Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's old Tribeca penthouse.

Click through for a look at Superdesk, which the Barbarian Group calls "4,400 square feet of undulating, unbroken awesomeness to keep people and ideas flowing." And one that they will never be able to move—while pieces were shipped and assembled there, the surface was poured on-site.