CreativeTime , MTA Arts for Transit and artist Nick Cave have brought a herd of straw horses into Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall. Up for just this week, Heard-NY will be on view all day and will come to life with two daily "Crossings," at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Here's what you're in for:

Choreographed by William Gill in collaboration with Nick Cave, the "Crossings" are performed by student dancers from The Ailey School, accompanied by percussion and harp. The horse suits are the latest incarnation of one of Nick Cave's trademarks, the Soundsuit— a sculpture that exists on it own but can also be worn and danced in.

Nato Thompson, curator of CreativeTime, writes, "The peculiar breeds reflect and dislocate Grand Central Terminal’s dizzying sense of wonder. Amidst the buzz of the station a swooshing sound emerges, the fibrous material of the horses’ coat brushing up against itself, a calm, windlike sound." Indeed, the performance creates its own particular buzz, drawing crowds of luckily-timed tourists and passersby around the spiraling dancers. When not in use, the horse suits are arranged on sawhorses and corralled behind a fence, making for a colorful diversion during your commute.