The cold, wet weather has been a pretty miserable backdrop in NYC lately, but at least one part of the city has been transformed into a magical sight. The New York Botanical Garden shared photographs of some of the plants and trees in their collection under a sparkling layer of ice, Arendelle-style.

The pictures were taken on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning across a small sampling of the NYBG's 250 acres. Some photos were also posted on the garden's Instagram page—"A rainy, frosty day has left the Garden’s collections glimmering with ice—and the plants are wearing it like jewelry"—prompting one worried fan to ask if the plants were damaged.

"Plants are resilient!" the NYBG replied. "Some frost and ice will not have long term harmful effects on their health. However, we do monitor our living collections daily and apply care when needed."

Further north, Martha Stewart was dazzled by the ice storm that hit her Bedford farm: