Not long ago, some Bushwick residents were rocked by the news that a shopping mall would soon encroach upon its ever-disputed borders. It's been pretty quiet on that front lately, but don't think we've been spared the mall rats—proposed plans for the development have been REVEALED, so it looks like it's still happening. Here's hoping for a Cheesecake Factory!

Neighborhood blog Wyckoff Heights first published the renderings yesterday, the products of firm Syndicate Architecture. The project, dubbed the Morgantown Center—you're next, Jefftown!—still offers scarce details, but at least one rendering proposes a seven-story tower on Bogart Street, offering plenty of room for at least two Auntie Anne's stands and a two-floor H&M. Previously, developers claimed the mall would be a "grittier Chelsea Market," so expect a Spencer's Gifts, too.

Beyond the renderings, Department of Building documents [pdf] show few approved applications. With any luck, by the time they get around to building this mall, Yonkers will be the new St. George will be the new Canarsie will be the new East New York will be the new Bushwick and none of this will matter anymore.