Code Name GingerGothamist remembers way back when, in January 2000, when we first heard about Ginger from It was supposed to be some sort of revolutionary individual transportation device, from the man who designed a wheelchair that could climb stairs. The hype, fueled by inventor-entrepreneur Dean Kamen and the media, drove geeks of all kinds (tech, media, transportation) crazy. And then when the Segway Human Transporter was finally unveiled, response was "Where's my flying machine?"

Writer Steve Kemper has written a book, Code Name Ginger: The Story Behind Segway and Dean Kamen's Quest to Invent a New World (how much longer can a subtitle be?) about the development of the Segway, from hype to humans actually Segwaying. The Times says Code Name Ginger is a fascinating account, especially how it describes the the engineers and their craft.

The Modern Humorist's initial take on what Ginger could be. A 2001 Time magazine article on the launch of the Segway. And Gizmodo says that Philip Torrone may be the first private owner of a Segway to log 1000 miles. Certainly Torrone is at least the first to blog about it on his own site.

Act quick! There's a Father's Day promotion from Segway. Maybe that's what the Segways were for the Bushes.